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Do not bother me for a 'biography.' I am too busy with genius plans your pitiful mammal mind can't comprehend!

Doctor Dinosaur (or H'ssssk, if he trusted your puny mammal tongues to pronounce it) is a super-genius scientist and velociraptor who time-traveled from the Cretaceous to the 21st century.

You might point out that his super-genius plans often make no sense. You might point out that his backstory makes no sense either, and his time-travel explanations are riddled with inconsistencies. You might, in fact, point out that velociraptors had feathers, and were about half his size, and were not actually reptiles. You might even point out that generally he looks a lot more like something designed by a mad scientist who'd seen Jurassic Park a few too many times. You can point all that out, but Dr. Dinosaur will not listen to you.

He might try to blow you up for your insolent dismissal of his reptilian genius, though. Then he'll back to planning his takeover of the world and/or destruction of the last several million years to create a new, better, time-retconned Age of the Dinosaurs. Truly, human minds cannot comprehend the glory of his vision.

Doctor Dinosaur is an antagonist from the gloriously ridiculous comic Atomic Robo, which can be read online (and should, because it's awesome!) He's the intellectual property of those folks. They also run the twitter linked below, or at least it's an official one which some glorious genius who is emphatically not me has charge of. I'm [personal profile] genarti, and I'm just here to play him in [community profile] milliways_bar, and make no money doing it.

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